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Merkels Scharfsinn: Böse Israelis, böse PLO April 11, 2016

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Henryk M. Broder hat auf einen Newsletter der deutschen Bundesregierung hingewiesen. Der letzte Teil des Regierungstextes, den er nicht erwähnt, hat es in sich:

“Weiter heißt es, dass die Bundesregierung sowohl die Gewalt israelischer Siedler gegen Palästinenser als auch von Palästinensern an israelischen Siedlern beobachte. Sie habe gegenüber der israelischen Seite ihre Erwartung zum Ausdruck gebracht, auch Straftaten von israelischen Siedlern zügig zu verfolgen und zu bestrafen. Die Bundesregierung betont zudem, dass sie mehrere Resolutionen des Menschenrechtsrates der Vereinten Nationen unterstütze, die den israelischen Siedlungsbau in den besetzen palästinensischen Gebieten kritisieren würden.”

Die Manipulationen in diesem Regierungstext bzw. die Dummheit, die ihm zugrunde liegt, kann man bestenfalls unter “mildernde Umstände” abheften, angesichts einer Regierungschefin, die vor nicht allzu langer Zeit anscheinend als “FDJ-Sekretärin für Agitation und Propaganda” arbeitete. Denn gewalttätige Israelis können sich natürlich auf die Professionalität israelischer Staatsanwaltschaften und so auf die juristischen Konsequenzen ihres Handelns verlassen, während arabische Messerstecher von Verantwortlichen der PA bejubelt werden. Es mag sein, dass Merkel bei dem zugedröhnten Eindruck, den sie bei ihren öffentliche Auftritten gelegentlich hinterlässt, vielleicht auf mildernde Umstände hoffen darf – ändert aber nichts am einsehbaren beschriebenen Unterschied.

Die Erwähnung der “Siedler”:  vielleicht sollte irgendjemand der Mutti der Gläubigen ein Geschichtsbuch zukommen lassen, wo sie nachlesen kann, dass viele der Siedlungen, die seit 1967 von Israelis in Judäa-Samaria gegründet wurden, Neugründungen der Ortschaften sind, die entweder von Jordaniern in der kurzen Zeit ihrer Herrschaft zwischen 1948 bis 1967 zerstört wurden. Oder sie wurden nach den Angriffen  der jordanischen Armee 1948 von Juden verlassen. Die jüdischen Besitzansprüche auf die von Jordanien aufgelösten, bzw besetzten jüdischen Wohngebiete  gelten bis heute – die jordanische Invasion 1948 von Judäa-Samaria, aka West Bank, ändert daran nichts.


Geocities, old friend: Goodbye … October 22, 2009

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Geocities is closing down. October 26, 2009. Forever, it seems.

I got an email from Geocities weeks ago telling me about their closure. And that my pages hosted on their servers will go down, too.

Geocities were the pioneers of the Internet at around 1999  when I started uploading content to my home page on their servers: There were no bloggers at this time, no facebook, no twitter. Sad past? No.

Point seems, that times have changed: In 1999, when we started our home pages, we did exactly what bloggers do today: We wrote down, and published, what we thought could be relevant enough for the rest of the really not so interested world. Thus we had a channel to the world, and I used it happily – on Geocities.

Some time.

Because today, on blogger sites like wordpress.com, you don’t have to write the source code yourself to get a nice looking page: With one or two clicks we install a “theme” template on our blogs that will embed our writings into a good looking graphical frame. WordPress  – their free blog service – currently offers 77 (!) different themes. Think about the time it took to write a page from scratch, on Geocities for example.

Geocities also had templates, they still do, and even better ones than years ago, it seems: but I didn’t like them back then, and wrote the HTML myself. Later, when blogger services like blogger.com, wordpress.com started up it seems Geocities missed the train that the blogger services were taking.

Did they really? Think about it: With the blogger services you have no choice other than choosing a graphical theme, it seems. With the service Geocities was offering you could set up your page exactly as you wanted it to look like. Well, nearly like that. No need to choose a theme on Geocities. And we learned a little HTML. Because we had to – which still helps us on the blogger sites we’re using nowadays.

But we liked the extras the blogger services were offering: postings  with a cell phone, the comments sections, the good looks of the themes they were offering, and more.

Let’s wait and see whether the direction that the Internet now is taking – after our choices – still is the place we like in a few years from now.

Thank you – everyone at Geocities: I owe you my admittedly not so extended knowledge of HTML, and without you the world would be a much smaller place, and by far not as interesting as it became thanks to your work.

Good luck, everyone at Geocities.

Palestinians and Israelis should ignore Obama’s antisemitism July 19, 2009

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Obama’s latest move, to demand Jews don’t build in East Jerusalem, while Arabs, and not only them, are allowed to move to the West of the city, is trying to hallucinate a right of Arabs to Jerusalem soil. But Jerusalem legally never was Arab soil: The very first step to create a Jewish and an Arab state, the UN partition plan for Palestine in 1947, clearly said that Jerusalem “shall be established as a corpus separatum under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations.

The obsession of the current American administration with the idea that Jews should not settle in presumed Palestinian areas is trying to set up the stakes for a future Palestinian state. And an ugly one: Obama demands Palestinian areas should not be inhabited by Jews, thus strengthening antisemitism in Palestinian as well as other Arab societies. And this will lead to exactly no Palestinian state.

Arabs live on Israeli soil since ages. And Jews live in areas that one day might become part of a Palestinian state, namely in Judea and Samaria, the so-called Westbank. And it’s highly clear, that a Palestinian society that is built upon the idea of a free and democratic society, without antisemitism, will not have a problem with Jews living among them. This non-racist, and free approach to a future Palestinian homeland is a predictable preliminary for lasting peace between Israelis and Arabs.

That is, the core of the problem between Jews and Arabs – lack of peace – needs the Arab decision to not reach for a gun when they spot a Jew on the road. Easy as that.

It’s encouraging to see that both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman openly ignore American plans to perpetuate Palestinian antisemitic hate, and instead make sure Jerushalaim stays the open city it has become since 1967, with Arabs and Jews living side by side in a city that once might become an example of how peace can be reached.

Palestinians who ignore the call for separation between Jews and Arabs might become the core of a not so distant free Palestinian land. If they insist on being free instead of being antisemites. And if they raise the finger to the likes of those who are propagating a Judenrein Palestinian society.

Edinburgh’s International Film Festival: Welcome to Hamas Land May 21, 2009

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The Israeli Embassy in the UK obviously tried to cover travel costs of around £300 for Tali Shalom Ezer, graduate of Tel Aviv University, to support her come to the Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) in the UK for a screening of her film. To that end, the Israelis sponsored the EIFF for that sum.

Ken Loach, an obviously boring British filmmaker, so far less known for his professional qualities, and a little more for his antisemitism, opposed the sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy: This alone would not be worth a note: antisemites in Europe, like anywhere else, do what antisemites do. And protest Jews if those might become part of their ecologically clean non-Jewish environment. The Nazis called that judenrein. Someone like Ken Loach maybe "don’t take blood money from the Jew".

But the end of it all is the important part: EIFF gave back the funding it received from the Israeli Embassy. With these words:

Although the festival is considered wholly cultural and apolitical, we consider the opinions of the film industry as a whole and, as such, accept that one film-maker’s recent statement speaks on behalf of the film community, therefore we will be returning the funding issued by the Israeli Embassy.

Admittedly the author is not very familiar with the specifics of the British film making industry. But so far one could safely assume that the British "film community" comprised slightly more than just one Jew bashing film director. So why are we told that Loach "speaks on behalf of the film community"? Just wondering ..

According to news reports Loach feeds his Jew hatred with the action Israelis are undertaking to prevent Hizbullah, Hamas and other armed antisemitic thugs from killing Israelis. Loach doesn’t like that. Obviously he expects Jews to just sit back and get killed, if someone doesn’t like them.

In 2006, in a call for a cultural boycott of Israel, Loach’s name can be found under this statement:

On July 12th, Israel brought its campaign of collective punishment and military violence to Lebanon, with “Operation Just Reward”. A complete assault, via land, sea, and air, of the Lebanese population and infrastructure has led to total destruction. In just 3 weeks, almost 1 million Lebanese civilians have been displaced and the death toll has reached 900 Lebanese and 160 Palestinians, with a UN count saying one-third of the dead are children.

Needless to say we’re not told the reason for the war mentioned above. A war that was triggered by a Hizbullah raid on Israeli territory that killed 8 Israeli soldiers, wounded Israeli civilians and soldiers and ended with 2 IDF soldiers abducted into Lebanese territory.

Antisemitism today, in Europe, isn’t limited to people like Ken Loach. It’s not limited to Britain. It’s triggered and shouldered by liberal and right-wing antisemites in Europe, and by main stream media in these countries. And sometimes the money for these criminals even comes from governments.

There’s also disgust in Europe about this new antisemitism. Sometimes. Read the comments sections that come with online news stories regarding topics like this.

The President, and Freeman: Surprised? … March 15, 2009

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Chas Freeman, the man chosen by President Obama’s staff to chair the American “National Intelligence Council”, the top agency inside the US government to coordinate — according to the NIC web site — analytical guidance to the President, this man’s views in parts come very close to how Saudi terror boss Osama Bin-Laden sees things.

Freeman on 9/11: “we bomb people, they bomb back” (quoted from here) — and Bin Laden, asked why he was fighting America: “Because you attacked us and continue to attack us”. See the full Bin Laden text on the Guardian website.

Freeman in the end refused to chair the NIC, pointing the finger to an unspecified “Israel Lobby” that according to him

plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth [ … ] …

So obviously Monsieur isn’t able to understand the relevancy of his own words and actions that might be the cause of his failure: Even Nancy Pelosi, and numerous other Congress members, according to Newsweek, complained about his selection …

For a glimpse on Freeman’s way of thinking following a few quotes, all taken from here:

.. We have paid heavily and often in treasure for our unflinching support and unstinting subsidies of Israel’s approach to managing its relations with the Arabs. Five years ago, we began to pay with the blood of our citizens here at home. We are now paying with the lives of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines on battlefields in several regions of the realm of Islam …

… Israel excels at war; sadly, it has shown no talent for peace. …

… left to its own devices, the Israeli establishment will make decisions that harm Israelis, threaten all associated with them, and enrage those who are not. …

All this does not surprise that much, and the blame most certainly cannot be put solely on Chas Freeman, because, as mentioned, he was selected by the White House. To get an additional understanding of what might be in the pipeline of the current US administration for the future, see the story about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor over the last 20 years, that became public quite some time ago. And this pastor really isn’t that much better than Freeman: Wright in a speech to his congregation the Sunday after September 11, 2001 (Quote from abcnews):

We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards


Rev. Wright married Obama and his wife Michelle, baptized their two daughters and is credited by Obama for the title of his book, “The Audacity of Hope.”

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